Uber Invite Code 2018 – Become an Uber Driver

So you want to become an Uber driver, eh? Think you got the mettle to ride-hail with the best of them? Well we’re here to help. This is a detailed how-to guide to inform you on how to go about becoming an Uber driver.

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Types of Uber Cars

There are multiple forms of Uber we’re going to walk through getting to drive for:

  • UberX: This is the standard, which makes up the bulk of ride-hailing service.
  • UberSelect: This is the upscale to UberX’s bare-bones method – here you will get a ride in a luxury car, cheaper than the top-tier UberBlack.
  • UberBlack: When Uber was first created, this was the first form – a personal chauffeur on call from a cellphone. On top of normal Uber requirements, you must have a commercial license and commercial auto insurance.
  • UberTaxi: Are you a taxi driver who wants to drive Uber as well? This allows taxi drivers to drive with Uber on top of their normal service. You must be a taxi driver who is certified and licensed to operate in the city you want to drive in. On top of that, you must drive a commercial taxi.
  • UberAccess: This is Uber’s new handicap-accessible transportation option.

Before we ever start, it is important that you look at whether Uber operates in your neck of the woods. You can check this at https://www.uber.com/cities.

To begin, you’ll need to be apply to Uber to become a driver. This process does take some time, and you will also need to meet some basic requirements to qualify to drive for Uber.

Basic driver requirements out of the way: You’ll need to be at least 21 years old. You need to have an in-state driver’s license. In addition, you’ll need to be licensed to drive in the U.S. for one year, at a minimum; this is consecutive and your time being licensed does not have to just be in the state you’re looking to drive Uber in – if you drove in Arkansas for two years and then move to Massachusetts, you meet the requirement as long as you have an in-state license). As well, you will need to have a social security number, in-state plates for the state you’re planning on driving Uber in and in-state auto insurance under your name.

Applying to be an Uber driver

Now that you’ve met the basic requirements, go to https://get.uber.com/drive/ and get to business making an account! There will be basic personal information to fill out as well as an inquiry as to how you heard of Uber (if you have an invite code from a friend who already drivers Uber who is referring you, this is where you would put this in).

You will also need to pass a background check, through Uber’s contract partner Checkr. To begin the background check, go to the link included with your Uber driver portal and you will be taken to a form to fill out. You’ll have to input your social security number here so Uber can access your personal info. Complete the form and presto – you’re done.  They look for particularly egregious and disqualifying markers of an untrustworthy driver. Traffic tickets? You may pass. DWI, DUI or a criminal history? You’ll be rejected, sorry. Here are the specific requirements for your reference:

  • A Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) with no more than three incidents in the last three years.
  • Absolutely no DUIs or reckless driving incidents.
  • Absolutely no felonies or misdemeanors (theft, violent incidents, drugs) in a given time frame depending on your state.
  • No speeding violations for going 20 mph or higher over the speed limit in the last three years.

The time needed for the background check will vary in time frame depends on the volume of applications Uber is taking at any given time, but according to Uber, this will take three-to-ten days.

Uber Car Requirements

There are specific requirements for your personal car in order to have it qualify for use as an Uber driver. Even more so, there are particular rules for your car depending on what form of Uber (UberX versus UberBlack, for example) that you would like to drive.

First off, there are basic requirements for all vehicles in order to use them with Uber. Your car must be at maximum 10 years old (2006 model). It must be a four-door car, truck or minivan. Automatic transmission is preferred, but manual transmission works too. And, of course, no major cosmetic damage.

In addition, to drive the different forms of Uber, you must meet each service’s specifications:

  • For UberX, your car must:
    • Seat four passengers and have seatbelts for all seats
    • Be a 2006 model or newer (Or 2001 in in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Francisco)
  • For UberSelect, your car must:
    • Be an entry-level luxury sedan
    • Be a 2007 model or newer
    • Seat four passengers
    • Have leather interior
  • For UberBlack, you must have:
    • All black everything – black paint and black leather interior
    • Be a 2012 model or newer
    • Have commercial license registration and insurance
    • Must have airport permits specific to your city
      • This is necessary as some airports aren’t entirely open to Uber
    • For UberTaxi, you must have:
      • A commercial four-door taxi vehicle.
    • For UberAccess, you must have:
      • Qualifications at least meeting UberX.
      • Handicap-accessible entrance, exit and specifications (depending on your state).

Your car must also pass a vehicle inspection at an Uber-approved auto repair shop or Uber activation center (located at various gas stations and mechanics shops). After you apply, Uber will provide you with a list of locations where you can get a vehicle inspection. Everything from your headlights to bumpers will be tested for both function and cosmetics. In addition, make sure you check your tires and brakes before you go for inspection, as you will want to make sure you pass the tire tread test and brake pad test, something drivers often report having trouble with the first time.

If you fail the test, get what you need up to code and then just try again. Afterwards, upload your inspection to your Uber partner dashboard and you’ll be set.

Start Driving for Uber!

After all of this, if you’ve passed through all the hoops, you should be set to drive Uber!

Here are a few more sites for more information: