Tesla Referral Code

If you are considering a Tesla as your next car, then you want to get the best band for your buck! One of the best ways to do that is by using a Tesla referral code.

Tesla Referral Code: YVETTE1628

Referral CodeYVETTE1628
Promotional OfferGet $1,000 dollar credit + free unlimited supercharging.
Promotion RulesOnly for new Tesla Model S or X's. Available online or at your local Tesla dealership

The Tesla referral code gives you $1,000 credit towards a Tesla purchase and free unlimited supercharging (The $1,000 credit is only available until October 31, 2017)! You can also use our Tesla referral link for the same $1,000 credit and unlimited supercharging. The referral code is valid for both Model X and Model S vehicles (not Tesla Model 3). 

How Do I Claim My Tesla Referral Code Credit?

  • There are several ways you can activate your referral code:
    If you are buying online, you can follow this Tesla link for $1,000 & supercharging. If you are currently on Tesla.com, you will see a box with a field labeled promo code. Just enter the code and the discount will be automatically applied to your purchase.
  • Bring the code to your local Tesla dealer.
  • You can provide the code to the Tesla salesperson if you are making a purchase over the phone. Make sure you verify they applied the code before completing the purchase!

Tesla Solar Code

Tesla has recently announced a new Tesla Solar Referral Program where new Tesla solar energy system installations will get a free 5-year limited extended warranty! This is the same code as Tesla Referral Code for Model S/X so if you are thinking about purchasing a Tesla solar panel, follow this link or use the Tesla referral code: YVETTE1628 for 5 years warranty on your new Tesla Solar Roof or Panels!


Best Features of a Tesla Model S?

The Tesla S is the Tesla sedan. There are a number of reasons to consider buying a Tesla S:

  • Best range of any electric vehicle. You can drive up to 335 miles between charges.
  • Excellent acceleration – you can go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 2.5 seconds.
  • All Tesla Model S’s come with hardware equipped for Enhanced Autopilot and in the future Self Driving
  • Has built-in WiFi and 3G/4G/LTE cellular connections.
  • You can buy a Tesla S starting at $73,800.

Best Features of a Tesla Model X?

The Tesla X is Tesla’s SUV series. There are a number of great features with the Tesla X, which include:

  • The Tesla X is the safest electric vehicle on the road.
  • The Tesla X has an industry leading 88.1 square feet of cabin space.
  • All Tesla Model X’s come with hardware equipped for Enhanced Autopilot and in the future Self Driving
  • Has built-in WiFi and 3G/4G/LTE cellular connections.
  • You can buy a Tesla X starting at $87,250.


Every new Tesla Model S and X is equipped with hardware which allows for the car to take over some of the driving experience. Enhanced autopilot allows a Tesla to match traffic speed, keep within a lane, change lanes and transition on and off the freeway. In the future, Tesla is working on full self driving capabilities which would allow the car to fully self drive in most circumstances without the need for driver input.

Recent Autopilot Updates

Tesla has recently released 2017.34 software. The last few updates have continued to improve autopilot significantly. The current software is very smooth and is on par with v1 autopilot.

Tesla.com Referral Program FAQ

Is this the best Tesla referral code

Of course! Tesla created this program for current owners to refer new owners. Every referral code gives you the same, $1,000 off a new Tesla and for a limited time, free unlimited supercharging!

Can I use it for pre-owned Teslas?

Unfortunately, no. You can only apply the code to purchase a new Tesla vehicle.

Does it work for model 3 preorders?

No, at this time, it’s only for vehicles currently sold at Tesla. They may create a new referral code program when the Tesla Model 3 is being sold although they have over 500,000 reservations so likely it won’t be launched until they have delivered those cars.

What do I get out of it?

Tesla doesn’t pay for advertising, so they offer incentives to people like to share referral codes. This helps lower their overhead with ineffective advertising, which keeps costs lower for buyers too. Everybody wins!

What’s the difference between the Tesla referral code and a Tesla referral link?

When you are ordering online, you should use the Tesla referral link which allows you to design your custom model S or X and receive the $1,000 credit. If you are ordering at a Tesla dealership then tell your Tesla representative that you have a referral code: YVETTE1628.

Is this code case sensitive?

No, we have it in all caps so you can easily see the code but it does not need to be in uppercase letters when you submit the code on Tesla.com.